Thursday, March 4, 2010

African-American leaders Ignore Cuba's racist policies

Read this story, and ask yourself if you would expect this to get the attention of the mainstream media, but more importantly, prominent African-American leaders:

A black man, imprisoned for speaking out against his government. The man, who wants to bring attention to the torturous and racist conditions in political prison goes on a hunger strike. The man dies for his cause, starving himself to death.

He is a real man. Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a 42 year old black Cuban political prisoner was even recognized by Amnesty International as a “prisoner of conscience”. But we won't hear his name be breathed by Jessee Jackson, Barack Obama, or any of the black congressman who paid a visit to Cuba last year and practically drooled over the Castro regime.

The hypocrisy in the reaction (or lack there of) Orlando's story is deplorable. But we won't ignore Orlando's bravery here.

We salute Orlando Zapata Tamayo- a brave man who stood up for what he believed in, refusing to be silent in the mouth of the beast.

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